herds and unbinds roaming <sounds>
                                re-contextualize to highlight other dimensions of
                                                    what else is possible <?>
                                                  where are the city limits?
                                                     could you repeat that?

                                                    I can’t h<ear> very well

Maralie received a BFA in Sculpture from Kansas City Art Institute and MFA with honors in Digital + Media from Rhode Island School of Design. Her entrancement with liminality in cultures, genders, and technologies became the basis of her master’s thesis, Engendered Machines and Humanbeasts. In it she charted a short history of human-machine interaction in sound and performance including the noisy creations of Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven, a gender transgressive costume designer/sculptor/poet/performance artist hailing from the early 19th century.

Maralie’s background in sculpture, performance, textiles, and experimental music all combine into multi-mediated works that examine the evolution of ritual and emotional expression through technology.

She performs solo as Valise and collaboratively with V Manuscript in Humanbeast, and formerly in Soophie Nun Squad, Tem Eyos Ki, and Bloodhuff. Maralie’s work has been featured in Vice, Localist Magazine, and The Fader online, among other publications.